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Hire A Photo BoothWhen you are looking for a great local electrician, you can’t go past Ali-Oop Electrical & Air Conditioning. With over 11 years of experience looking after Adelaide families and businesses, we know how important a professional electrician is to you.

Ali-Oop has grown rapidly and now have 8 electricians on hand to make sure we can finish your project quickly and on time. If you want a job finished quickly we have 8 electricians who can all work your job and get it done to your deadline. All Ali -Oop electricians have vans that carry a multitude of parts so we can fix your job on the spot and not waste time going to electricians wholesalers to get parts.

The important job of inspecting, repairing or replacing electrics and electrical components needs to be handled by skilled and qualified electricians. Our Electricians are experienced in all forms of electrical contracting from wiring new homes, renovations and extensions, to general maintenance and repairs of commercial and domestic properties throughout Adelaide.

Fully licensed in both the air conditioning and electrical industries, we pride ourselves in our quality of work, tidiness of the job, and our overall professional attitude. All our work is fully insured and comes with the required certificates of compliance.

Our Electrician Services

We can provide you with electrician services that include:

Re-wiring of house

Faulty wiring in your home can cause damage to electrical appliances and potentially serious harm to you and your family. It’s most important that you get the wiring checked in older homes or where there has been a recent electrical fault, such as recurrent fuse problems or if the safety switches trip for what appears to be no reason.

If your house is 30 years, or older, it will probably need to be rewired. The best way to find out if your house needs rewiring is to ask an experienced electrician to look at all the wires in your house and determine their condition. Also if you are planning alterations or extensions, then the existing wiring will have to be augmented. This includes upgrading the switchboard, so it can carry the additional electrical supply demands.

Whether you are in need of electrical wire repair, wiring a new addition or a complete house rewire call Ali-Oop Electricians for quality, safe electrical wiring of your home or commercial property.

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    Mains, wiring, and installation for new builds

    If you are looking to build a new home, we can give expert advice and help you customise all of your electrical needs. We offer complete New Home Electrician Services to home builders as well as residential owner-builders. We tailor all our Electrician services based on individual customer needs. Since most homes offer a unique design and amenities list, we work closely with new home property builders to define exactly what electrical services are needed for your new home. By using modern equipment and adhering to the most up-to-date quality standards devised by Australia’s electrical contracting industry, you can rest easy knowing that all of our electrical installations will be fully compliant and safe to use.

    Ali-Ooop Electrical & Airconditioning can help with:

    • Lighting Indoor/Outdoor • Power Indoor/Outdoor • Electrical Appliance Installation • Ceiling Fans Indoor/Outdoor • TV, Phone, Points • Swimming Pool Electrical • Sensor Lights • Smoke Alarms • Safety Switches • Mains and Cable Metering • Air Conditioning • And More…

    All our work is completed in a timely and professional manner, customer-focused and at a reasonable price.

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    New lights/switches

    Choosing the correct home lighting can be tricky with so many choices – downlights, up lights, pendants, wall lamps by choosing the right lighting can modernise your home, highlight artwork and make your house feel warm and inviting.

    Lighting is no longer just a fitting and a bulb, it has become an integral part of home décor. Light bulbs are designed with a variety of shapes and shades. It’s not only lighting that has progressed, but the way we control our lights. Today’s systems can be controlled from a smartphone app or a panel in every room so no more last-minute checks, with one simple move it’s lights out.

    Let us help you create the ambiance you are looking for, with lighting that captures the right mood. Our Lighting technicians are specialists in dimmer installation, replacement, and dimmer repairs.

    We also can assist with light switch installation, switch replacement and switch repairs. If you have an older house some of your light switches can be in the weirdest places, inside the room, outside the room, on the opposite side of the room or halfway up a wall in the middle of the room. Give us a call and we can install or move a lightswitch to where you want it.

    At Ali-Ooop Electrical we can provide professional lighting solutions and providing the best products with quality, reliability, and energy-saving benefits to suit your home.

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    Switch Board Upgrades

    Upgrading your switchboard will help to protect your home as well as your family. Improving the supply removes the dangers that come along with a faulty board.
    Older switchboards can be dangerous and pose a high risk of electrical fires, they usually consist of ceramic fuses and generally don’t have electric shock protection, whereas new switchboards are equipped with mandatory safety switches.

    If your switchboard isn’t in too bad a shape, adding more fuses can redistribute the electricity that each fuse has to handle, making it safer and less likely to blow out. However, if your switchboard is particularly old or outdated, it may require a complete replacement. If it does need to be replaced, we will assess what type of system will work best for your home or office. Then, we will remove the old system and install your new switchboard safely.

    If you are installing new appliances or having renovation work carried out in your home or business Ali-Oop Electrical can assess the need for a switchboard upgrade, repair or installation of a new one to prevent overloading. As well as the increased safety benefits, you will also gain the convenience of resetting a breaker rather than re-wiring a fuse.

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    LED Downlights

    Installing LED lights will cut down on your electricity and drastically reduce the carbon footprint of your home and business, emitting up to 70% less UV light than regular halogen bulbs

    Downlights are probably the most popular home lighting choice, they are practical and can be used anywhere in the home. LED downlights not only look great but are also energy efficient, making them a great asset in your home or workplace. Although LED lights are more expensive to purchase than halogen or incandescent lights, they last 25 times longer than a regular halogen bulb, this equates to 50,000 hours which means if you leave your LED lights on constantly they should still be working 6 years later!

    We’ve installed all kinds of LED lights and whether you’re after a simple energy-efficient solution for the home, an outdoor security lighting LED, or much more, Ali-Oop Electricians have got you covered.

    If you’re considering installing new LED downlights or replacing your existing halogen downlights with LEDs, then give us a call at 0435 751 990 or send us an email.

    Power Points

    If you have bought a new property or move into old one only to find out that there aren’t enough power points to go around and you need to install some extra power points in your home or business premises, Ali-Oop Electricians can help. These days power points come in many shapes, colours, and socket configurations, some even have additional features like USB compatibility and built-in surge protection.

    By adding extra power points to your home or business, it will help safeguard the area from dangerous, exposed power leads. As you are probably aware powerpoints can be situated in odd places that don’t provide the most convenient access to electricity. Most people try to fix this problem by using extension cords or power plug adapters but that can create unsafe situations and look messy.

    Ali-Oop Electrical services include; new powerpoint installation, repairing previous installs and replacement of faulty power point sockets. When it comes to your home, there is no substitute for safety.

    To guarantee your family’s safety from faulty power systems, give us a call at 0435 751 990 or send us an email.


    Safety Switch Testing and Installation

    Safety switches, also known as Residual Current Device (RCD), are electrical safety devices that help to prevent electrical injuries and fatalities. When using electrical equipment or power tools, hazards such as damaged leads and cords, faulty wiring and dampness can lead to serious electric shocks or electrocution.
    When a fault is detected, the RCD cuts off the power then the flow between each type of wiring is equal, the residual current device will allow the electricity to function as normal. When an imbalance is detected, the safety switch will stop the flow of electricity.

    Some houses have safety switches installed on all circuits, while some only have them on the light or power circuits. It is recommended that you test your safety switch every three months. To do this you need to press the ‘T’ or ‘Test’ button on the front of the safety switch. If the safety switch turns itself off then it’s working correctly, If your switchboard does not have a “Test” button on every single circuit, then your home is not fully protected and you should call the qualified electricians at Ali-Oop Electrical. We can install and test your safety switches at home or workplace

    The electrical safety of your home is our number one priority, contact our fully qualified and experienced electricians for safety switch installation, repairs and testing. Give us a call at 0435 751 990 or send us an email.


    TV Aerial Points

    Many older homes and offices do not meet the demands of TV and internet access. These days everyone wants to get online wherever we are in our home and watch television in almost every room of the house. It’s important that TV points /antenna points are installed correctly by experienced installers in order to get the full range of channels available and achieve the best quality reception. Our electricians can provide TV outlet installation for any room of the home, from the kitchen/ living area to the bedrooms. We also ensure that all outlets have optimum strength levels and signal quality, no matter how many there are.

    We can help you to enjoy hassle-free viewing in any room of your home, so if your TV or internet points are not working properly – either by giving a patchy or intermittent connection or maybe no signal at all, call Ali-Oop Electrical, as well as new installations our TV electricians can also provide repairs and maintenance

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    Ceiling fans

    Our licensed electricians provide ceiling fan installation and ceiling fan repairs for homes and business across all Adelaide suburbs.

    Ceiling fans can help warm your home in winter as well as cooling it in summer Most fans have a summer and winter setting (often a small switch located on the motor housing, just above the blades) which changes the direction of the blades allowing the fan to circulate warm air from the ceiling back down into the room in winter, and create a cool breeze in summer.

    If you’re looking for an easy, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to cool down then speak to us today about installing ceiling fans in your home. Ceiling fans are an extremely efficient way to cool your home and generally use about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb or less to run.

    Under Australian Law your ceiling fans must be installed by a qualified electrician. We offer a range of electrical services, including both new ceiling fan installation, or the upgrade of existing ceiling fans.

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